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11 Days Since the Last Entry [Apr. 22nd, 2017|03:49 pm]
This year I have done and achieved things I had not in the previous years, most of it is consistent perseverance which has seemed a little like luck but with more sweat involved.
There are still a few fires to put out, yet I continue to stretch explore and extend. Knowing that places I have been will not always get me to where I am going.

Even with a focused vision the sands continually shift below our feet so we must readjust our position and take into consideration where are feet are and where we want them to be.

It's been almost a month since the completion of Imperium Du Sang.
I started working on something that maybe more important and in many ways very different from some of my literary explorations. There is so much ground to cover but time is always the question. Only so much time to achieve one's will.

Back to the ink, and idea, the line and the form.
The mind and it's code.