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Tearing down Hero’s [Jul. 9th, 2017|12:17 pm]

Tearing down Hero’s

On Trumbull they're used to be a stadium that contained heroes.

It was torn down to prop up idols of industry in name.

Replaced with hyperefficient capitalism which is tearing the stability of the world apart.

No more home runs out of the park.

No more street vendors trying to convince the fans that this fabulous fluff will once and for all make them better smarter or more beautiful.

Last inning lies of how good it is going to be with so many forgetting what was to be seen.

The old stadium and the old name now torn down and crushed into dust.

With the people too tired and beaten too tired to react to the constant grind of motor city madness speckled with rust.

Before it lived other incarnations of the phoenix rising.

Speramus meliora resurget cineribus.