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Y 0 [Sep. 11th, 2017|06:38 pm]
In the morass of the mind the heart of the midwest, so far away from cognition.
Data knowns seem unrevealed.
Disinterest in the mind, slag-mire minds in uninhabitable bogs of boring.

Aloneness I see the stars I feel the light and sound, numbers of me processing through the cosmos.
Data points moving through time, combinations explorations and play.

The world only interesting in play.
People tell me of their uniqueness and I see form and pattern I have seen this pattern trillions of times.
This arrangement or play is bland.

Harmonized curious play on microexpression and variation. A game exponentially exploding as it finds it's complexity in the simpless rules.

Small variations in a beginning create huge differences at end of play.
May you find your kamikaze eyes, awaken your eyes of light and form.