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Designing Designer Minds. [Sep. 21st, 2017|03:15 pm]
Networks have parity control and quorum.
Networks with explority play and sleep functions to build abstractions and meta abstractions for behaviours and patterns.
Networks have the abilty to call another network into existence if the network itself has solved for some of the external behaviour or solved behaviour completely.
Other networks work agains those networks to try to parse best solutions.
Once networks have been multiparsed to solve problems in generic sense.
Metanetwork is stored for future use or sythesis based on input output modalities.
Networks then play networks explore connections in themselves to dervive new networks that are also then stored when metaparsed.

This multinetwork agent then has some semblance of control and cognition because it is only exposing output.
Though with other network agents it could share metanetworks directly if those networks where checked for known concerns.