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Communication [Sep. 28th, 2017|10:31 pm]
A delicate balance.
When we have to focus with complete attention or we hurt ourselves or others. We have to be present in the work. When we need to get done more than we can ourselves so it presses on us in places we don't want it to.
Though if we don't take care of the problems now they get worse, and they hurt more than ourselves. They hurt the ones we love.

It's bad and it happens that our best is not good enough. Though it suffices because it must, or even if it does not suffice and we struggle.

Then the big failure you get home you need a little nap, then you would do anything to make life a little easier for your loved ones but they don't communicate, then you think everythings alright but it's not because you don't know whats wrong, and you are confused.

Somethings should be said plainly and bare.
It helps to expediatethe process of communication.
Wants and needs are addressed.
Expectations are stated so life can be lived well.

In the end in my home life only the simplest things are needed because I did not have those.
So when there is food, and their is safety and some peace life is incredible to me.
It is nicer than ten trillion lavish gatherings.

Peace and relaxation are enough.