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Victory [Sep. 29th, 2017|11:49 pm]
For some of what is taken, other gifts are given.
That and much of the good that was given is still there.
I accept myself and the challenges ahead on the ships to the silver seas.

Plans made to journey off to shores unknown to meet new creations in the starry skies of december.
It could not wait I suppose and so plans were put aside and now those shores no longer mine.
While I am set to vigor and new focus.

Some victories are not victories at all, I was looking forward to the person I was going to meet in summery elysian fields.

Maybe one day we will meet, I know not when though the ship moves out to open waters, to remember, the past, the present and the future.

Still the astrolabe sets upon the stars to measure, and hope in new days, we sail our ship to the horizon.