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An Individual Stands. [Oct. 2nd, 2017|12:07 am]
If society tells me, I will think about it skeptically.
I will think intently just because loved ones say something does not make it true.
Society has killed far to many good people.

Good people have been shunned because they have saw a little further in the shores of the cosmic seas.
Still we curious must turn our heads and hearts skyward to our starry celestial family.
As suns live and die, bend and twist time space there is still so much to be discovered.

The natural world is fascinating beyond measure and makes my heart sing in it's magic.

To be and to see with our hearts eyes of the work we must do to brush aside the ashes and the fires to make space for the new. To be able to see with your heart and your eyes. Then to act with this intent.
Would anyone know your hearts intent if they did not ask.

Stillness we breathe with great love and we exhale compassion.
Then we carry water for those who still suffer.
We carry the water because they cannot.

They are worth our best efforts as we are worth our best efforts, so we act with prescence and optimism even we we walk through our hells inside and out.

We are worth our best efforts.
We are love, light and compassion.