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Euridice Exit the Yama Kingdom and Become Yggdrasil - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Euridice Exit the Yama Kingdom and Become Yggdrasil [Oct. 11th, 2017|01:01 am]
Dancing with death, deaths in her breast.
Her heart corrupted by ends.
Ptsd flashing back, dark miracles.

Too soon endings played in reverse on the racing mind that won't stop.
Sleep is not coming this night or next.
Games of stop and go.

Laughter in the broken heart.
The birds broken wings hang limply.
Instead of life death.

Instead of joy, pain.

See beyond your mortal veil.
See the wilting, the end.
Release the death, take in the life.

Breath the lifes laughter again.
Breath the life into your heart.
Breath again for the very first time.

Unbreak the broken heart, unbreak the broken mind.
Face the door to the yama kingdom.
Know the full expression of your kali.
Feel the kundalini from below to above.

Feel the mantra written in the cells that reflect the stars.
Feel the stardust sunshine.
Shimmer and soul fly.