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Blessed by Scars [Oct. 14th, 2017|12:48 pm]
Too often my gaze has veered from the wonder that is me.
Often times taking time to wallow in the unhallow focused on some unhealing pain.
Yet here I breathe one more breath.
I look unpon the heavens, and earth the great and small with magisterial wonder.
Now I do an accounting of the blessings.
Games played with pieces in mind to know the potentiation.

With death born within me I wondered for years.
Until attacks and blood and death bore me again.

Tortures and torments of destitution, have given me great insight into real value and real importance.
I need no one, yet am happy to have many participate in this great wonder of existence.
Might of the days expression, gifts of life and death.

The most complicated blessing is existance.
This existence worth our greatest efforts, even though our lives are not simply about ourselves.
Mind, nature itself touched me with it's curiousities, with its wonder, love, and mind.
I thank nature most for the blessing of mind.

One day as with my life it will leave me, I will enjoy the time in between, I will make good of my growing, growth and wilting.
On my last days I will dry and mummify still with peace.

In the mean time I will take my blessings and serve all.
Life is not just about humans, it's not just about animals.
Death taught me the most important lesson about life.
Life is about life, so live, and share, and love.

When you don't think you can go further push.
When you think you are alone feel the presence of the universe all around you.
Be blessed by life, be blessed by your scars.
Dig into the good of what ails you.
Find the things you will never do to people because they have done them to you or loved ones.
Find ways and search, have the courage to heal, the courage to change.
And charge on, while still able to touch the nothing for full completion.

The no thing has power, as thingness does.
Most things are being generated from simpler things so you are studying phenomenon that exists only in the aggregate and not at the true bottom.

Be, for that is the blessing of now.