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Loveliness [Oct. 14th, 2017|12:56 pm]
Loveliness, came to me if for but a moment, and gave so much back to me.
I felt my will, in my bones, I feel my courage now.
Time will tell if the medicine will take.
Entering into the moment in an active stillness, in a new hope.

Keeping all promises, though timelines are not always so clear.
The murkyness of the unknown.
Knowing that I was fighting for more than just myself.
Working towards a beautiful life.

So the spark came and left, but the fire is still within me.
It burns brighter now.
Sometimes to get to where you are you have to do miraculous things, these things take herculean effort.

The we ness of we, issing to the cosmos, so we work dream, and maintain until the work is fulfilled.
When the work is fulfilled the promises can be seen as met.

I chant to myself in the small of my heart, I am love, I am compassion.