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December Babies [Oct. 28th, 2017|08:44 pm]
Time and time again, I was not ready, I was not prepared for the gravity of a choice that impacts all.
The choice of life is a significant one it is tremendous in it's responsibility and care.
I don't take life lightly.
My flesh has died more than once in this life, so I know the blessing of life.
Through pain I also know it's curses.
I would not bring another into this world with out great care.
Talking with you at night we talked about the when, and I was committed my promise was gold and so was my heart.
Never before was it my will to see a December baby.
My work is always heavy and much, that is the price of freedom, that is the price of sailing your own ship into those unknown waters.

We had to make it to December to see your babies, your womb had to be kind before it could be the vessel for the quickening.
Why would you harm the unprotected, why do you want to be the spartan test?
You thought I was not funny when I talked to you about a truth of a harsh world.
You wanted to put the baby through great trials in your form.

May your dreams come true when you are kind to you and you are ready for december babies.