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Updates like Chapters [Nov. 21st, 2017|11:18 pm]
I am racing against the hours of my day, trying to get the most out of my minutes.
It's a challenge to get everything I would like to in a day with my own efforts.
Still I race on knowing it's what I have so it is what I must utilize fully.

Pushing this hard for nearly 10 years now. slowly I see results here and there.
Many large milestones have been hit many more to come.
Hopefully the universe and good friends and new friends will help me to carry out the missions of this chapter of my life.
Will I make it to my wilting years. Still I think there is two chapters until then. No one knows but still we must plan.

It sometimes takes me years to do some things I have promised but many of these promises too I have checked off.
I try not to make many promises because when I do I intend to keep them.

With that I get back to work only another hour or so left, then I will collapse from the things I have accomplished today.