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The Disease [Feb. 13th, 2018|11:35 pm]
It would seem the unidentified or intentionally unexamined disease that has been spreading across the planet is the percieved need or slated greed of the individual. The biggest part of the problem is that few individuals decide it's enough. Its always never enough, and the problem with that is that one day much as the inhabitants of easter island you use all the trees and none are left and you don't have a way to escape so you start eating one another until there is eventually a population collapse.

Other variations of this occur such as the mouse utopia this is because individuals cannot individuate then they take up roles they would not without complete access to resources with our an ever growing territory. A move 37 is made against us and we barely know it was played and we don't understand it when it is.

I hope that we use our data our hearts or our minds to stave off these problems as we have seen them come to fruition in our own time.