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No more the ghetto, No more - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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No more the ghetto, No more [Feb. 13th, 2018|11:46 pm]
No more children dying on the streets of under-representation and misplaced beats.
How many gun wounds to the unprotected by those who serve.
To protect and serve, to protect and serve, always faithful.

Service is continual and vigilance is necessary. Are there conditions that provide more just out comes for many.
Potential stolen by inadequate supply.
Intentional cruelty done silently.

We all pay when we drink the sweet waters of lead as our friends in Flint.
Hated because of need.
Hated because of life.

Why should we hate so virulently those we do not know, who share with us so many underlying characteristics.
The hate burns both ways.
We must activate and create more creatively more openly.
In the flow.
To be in the flow.

To be the flow.