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Modernizing Swords to Plowshares [Feb. 14th, 2018|12:02 am]
When apache helicopters miniguns turn into massively fast powerful and accurate seed planters we have found a more true peace.
We can also use rail gun technology as I am sure it is used for to escape our atmosphere and leave into space. We can use renewable energy to power these rails.
This technology could be also used with ultra lights or heavy gliders to transport goods very quickly to remote regions or locally.

This technology can be further abstracted and while we work with it and build we will solve problems with energy storage and use we will discover other things we do now know or have not implemented.
If large enough it will take advantage of parabolic motion  and if large enough at the highest altitudes it takes far less power to reach escape velocity.

Nuclear power has I think mostly been used to produce new plutonium for weapons, and the technology that we have developed for these weapons and our power plants with our current level of understanding very dangerous to us as a species on this planet. The technology itself is incredibly useful and should be explored in space far away from our home worlds. We will be able to use these technologies very well in space where we do don't have to worry about our fragile environment. We can also use these technologies and others like them to help with terraforming other bodies in space. Who knows if a comet is large enough just as we have a satelitte taking a ride we can put small out posts there.

If we evolve enough though we become beings of pure potentiation without physical form, energy beings with a mathematical essence. Though if we were running in some sort of simulation in the mathematics then we would already be that and would simply be fulfilling our aeternal recurrence.

Here is to today may we live it well and kindly.