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The Book Writes itself [Mar. 21st, 2018|10:41 pm]
It is not as if the keys are pressed by the book directly though it might be for a few kinds of books that humans have been playing with since we started to create a mark, though our homoculuses are more prevalent now and there are more wizards in humanity then there have been in quite some time.

Back to the way that books write themselves.
When we set to start a book we may have a title an idea maybe we even start flushing out internal details. Then we work, and as we press keys ideas present themselves.
Eventually we are deep into the work and sometimes the work has veered from the initial intention and moved somewhere unexpected and we have our friends Hansel and Gretel, we follow those breadcrumbs back to mother gooses shoe where our friends the blackbirds are chatting with Humpty Dumpty all the while the gingerbread man is running around harassing everyone that they can't catch him because he is strangely caught in father times glass bead game and fully entangled with a host of possibilities one of them being that no one can catch em.

So tangents take us like unexpected turns in our life and then other minds work on interpretation and they come to discover in work that you have completed shining connections between the islands that seem so disparate but aggregate in fractal series where it seems no connection yet somewhere in the complexity in the turtles that go all the way to the bottom they are there sometimes as a constant of null.

This null might be the most important beloved zero you ever find it might take you generations to discover yet it will be worth it. It is every time. For the games of symbolics increases ever so much with its first mind scrawl.

So the books write themselves if you are willing to press the first key if you take the first stroke on the canvas. The emptiness awaits you.