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Why the Moai Mourn. [Apr. 6th, 2018|12:40 am]
We proud statues 7 standing legends calling ships to port on a dead man's land.
Lush we were our islands shrouded in the canopies of trees, now you see a grassy hilly domain.
In our earthy bosom hides the hideous grotesque monstrosity of history.

From paradise to death.
I warn set not your fortunes to status or things, without caring for life's domain.
Bounty and verdant life is there for you to cooperate compassionately within.

New seed planted new hope struck.
Serve life.

Or stand as we have with eons on an island that lost it's trees then the people went mad with hunger. They became their food until none was left.

Now we vacant calling forever into the eons warning of the perils of avarice.
Be not the hungry ghost.
Live on in life.