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The ceaseless prayer of my heart is Love-Compassion - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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The ceaseless prayer of my heart is Love-Compassion [Apr. 30th, 2018|12:03 am]
What form might worlds outside of revelatory perspectives amass their realities?
Circumspect the diorama of consciousness that buys into this timeness this thingness.
Detachment, how can you experience that which you have not achieved?

Should I take you to the east to show you consciousnesses of other types and formalizations?
Would you know then what it was that I wanted to transfer on a 1 to 1 cellular transmission?
Outside of the need to resist the need to compete.

Nirvana complete.

Still, I carry water and look as you, though I do not feel as you.
My values are not as yours.
My values to nature many values to the social psychological.

Ceaseless prayer while marching forward.
The mantra chant and heart dance is, love, compassion.