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:) Infinigamiverse on imagination freeplay. :) - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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:) Infinigamiverse on imagination freeplay. :) [Apr. 30th, 2018|11:37 pm]
Slipstream the daydream as time crystals crunch down on lesser dimensional structures.
Upanishads to the Akashic imagination dreaming of Vimanas and Babylonian Towers.
Plus has sup + l in reverse shifted in it the acrostic, in the beginning, has many plusses and sups.

Nonplussed we maneuver again to the word game the game of wordplay the word of mind play the mind of mindscape the freedom of freespace ideas in their own space incomplete only in some formal systems not all.

Game with me the days and words we wonder as we play freely.
It's freeplay what will you imagine.
Tig is gitting it together one line at a time git tig ing.

If I add a plus or a pipe + || what will it change how many piped plusses does it take to make a universal turning machine?

So we play an easter egg adventure which is only the first version of the easter egg within this known human formalization.

In this infinityverse will we sing the song of infinicolocation. How many planets will we play on.

Let us play a better game here now.
What game should we play the mantra game the avatara game the glass bead game the simulation game?
How many virtualizations have I cogitated as I have recreated the me that is experienced?