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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update Log - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update Log [May. 14th, 2018|10:40 pm]
Big upgrade to the way the some of the voices speak though they had to be separated into to parts to have parameterized threads.

Fixed problems but the side effects that were features no have to be matched less of a problem than getting the first way to work with parameterized threads and delegate passing.

Created a feature that I wanted to be implemented early the right solution or at least a better solution has been created and implemented.

So still more debugging and tweaking to bring it all together, but having all the data entered as was written about in the last post makes this part easier.

That and the fix is able to be used more than once to improve the whole quality of the project, and a few other tweaks to make it go zoom. I have done enough though time to rest.