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Show and Tell of the Atma Yuga - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Show and Tell of the Atma Yuga [Jun. 22nd, 2018|12:17 am]
Evocative ideation tumbling in the electrochemical waves.
Hearts beating out into the near and distant eternity.

Ideas spin magnetic fields dreaming in concert.
This way or that.
Ideas fundamental.

Conceptualizations breathed in mindscape.
Formations of ideoform an existence outside of existence.
Long-standing being before the before, and beyond the beyond.

Imagining an infinite infinities dreaming an infinite infinities.
Reality cascades from the formation of jesters mathed interpretive perplex.
The imaginary things being as moving as the real.

Infinite planes interacting.
The void null the absolute non has a field.

Inside the outside and back again we divide by zero laughingly.