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They Have Nothing [Jun. 24th, 2018|07:07 am]
Nothing becomes more real than when you have to solve it.
When you see it with your existence.
They have nothing.

A man asked me about a beautiful couch, it was the same couch I needed to discard.
The man so gracious offering alms for the good.
Unable to accept out of kindness.

Traveling to his home after navigating the neighborhood.
I come to find a few kids sitting on the porch they call to their granddad.
He comes down I get a little help getting these couches off of the truck.
The man walks around with a shopping cart to collect bottles for his family.
The children don't have lights.

They have nothing and yet so many want for so much.
If only they had textbooks and heat in their schools.
We tax so much and give so little.

And the people who govern mock them by telling them to eat cake, oh wait that's I don't care do you.