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Tormentum Produx Volneris Retinopathy - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Tormentum Produx Volneris Retinopathy [Jul. 1st, 2018|07:57 pm]
This pain has blinded me so.
It blinded me from the we's and gave me I's.
Though the I's are malformed, and my heart still sings we.

The words have been twisted by jackalese even though that is not my heart.
My hearts says I love you but my words run flat.

No worries though, I have been healing the imposed ivvaron, and it is to the benefit of others and myself.
The world is kinder and gentler when the poison bleeds out.

For all the pain has blinded me hurt me and bound me.
It has also developed me and challenged me, it has given me paths and I have chosen some adventure.

In the choosing choices of kindness and nowness are made.
Choosing healing instead of harm.
Choosing to not give up instead of death.

Each of these choices the real measure of my life.
The measure of life in kindness and love.
May the measures of compassion and love be great.
May the I's become inclusive we's, may we all grow in this great adventure.