Luminosity (luminosity) wrote,

Love asks of you the impossible and you will rise to it.

Love is a world.
It is so varied in its manifestations.

Love may ask you to become from nothing. It may ask you to peacefully enter into hell and madness.

You may enter resigned.
Love may ask you to be without parents. Love may ask of you to suffer greatly. Love may ask you to lose.

My first answer was yes as many others have been.
Life may ask you to betray yourself in your first lie. The lie that kept your mother in your life.

You may ask love to see you and it may be blind to you. You may not be ready even when you feel like you can suffer no more.

Love can break and build you simultaneously. When the fire of love burns you away you can be free.

You cannot hold onto love tightly it does not live that way. Love will ask you for your friendship thoughts and consideration.

Love may come to you in creation. Love may come to you when you are broken in your black room and love may fill your brokeness with gold.

You may still be broken you may still be twisted. What will you decide will you decide to give into the night and take your last breath or will you struggle to heal.

Love may ask you to be forever and you are, your forever may be incompatible or unknown.

Love will tell you as a matter of fact that you will wish you spent more time with the people that have loved you most and that you have loved and it will be correct.

Love will heal your friends. Love will solve impossible problems.

Love will ask you to love other beings more than yourself and it will still ask you to love you.

Love will ask you for things you should have done if you could. It may scar you with regrets. It may fill you in with light.

Love will ask you to do impossible things and you will rise to them.

One day as love asked you to live. Love will ask you to die. It will ask you to make space for the seeds you have planted and to nourish them with yourself the love and light that you will become. Love will ask from you impossible things and you will rise to them

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