October 9th, 2017

If every criticism was seen as I love you.

The mind is not built this way and not every criticism from all people are meant to be encouraging.
If we have no correction how do we improve how do we practice perfectly.
When I encourage to read, or think or imagine, I want you to dig into yourself and see what you can do.
Who can you be when you explore deeply beauty and ideas.
That does not mean you are not already beautiful or smart, it means I love you. I want to see for you greater things than you see yourself.

There is nothing easy about being a champion.
Nothing simple about the sacrifices or the time put in.

When I talk about the big problems that kill or incarcerate, I am saying I want you to be free.
I want to see you for years to come.
I want you in my life for years to come.

I know the disease usually wins.
It does not have to and it does not always.
Take your time, change your heart, and I will keep on trying to find ways to say I love you more and critisize less.
Since what I want to say when we are having a problem or I am having a problem is I love you.
Though I don't know how to solve problems by ignoring them. I only know they fester and grow, sometimes leaving you with death. I want you to live. I want you to know I love you.