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Black Jack A Devil With Another Name [Dec. 18th, 2012|12:24 am]
Black Jack A Devil With Another Name Post Cards
Black Jack A Devil With Another Name by unixarcade

Have you ever met a devil with another name I have.
It's name was human, all too human.
They came in many shapes and colors, they came in every sex and gender.

Squads and mobs of them defiled.
Quartermasters doling out internal orders of the irrational moment.
Under the circumstances, I would take an angel by another name, and they exist as well.
After the fall out the only justice is just us.
Down below the surface the wolf that heals the wolf that rends exists.

Which wolf are you, what face do you take?
How, and where and why.
Only then we live the self examined life, and we know which face we wear.