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Since money is not real, can we spend our way to freedom? - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Since money is not real, can we spend our way to freedom? [Dec. 22nd, 2012|12:34 am]
Money is a construct, a means of exchange allowing the barter system to be replaced so that we might exchange goods and services that we might not want or need but someone else might want or need.

In a post technological society, a society of the mind that can produce enough and more for all lifeforms in a world should their outlook not completely change as to how society should function and in what direction it should move. One could posit and have hypothesized several utopian or dystopian worlds. What if we did not frame it as such, knowing that often much of what is going on is simply ho hum, and usually those are the most important things that people simply do not pay attention to even though they do them day in day out, clockwork.

In a post technological society malthusian catastrophes simply do not occur because, one the society probably imposes it's own check on it's organic function second the society can produce as much material as it needs. When a society can reorganize most chemistry, genes, energy, information it has it's own bounds and those bounds are defined by the construct of the definition of the societies social construct. 

Catastrophes may occur, but those catastrophes can be redacted, remixed, reconstructed, by having society exist in cells through out the cosmos. If their where other universes to exist one would try to find away to make the information exist either outside of time and space, or within another universe if you where a lesser species.

Even here on earth though in the very present now we can use lessor measures preserve our species if we make a home for ourselves off world until  we have the means of going beyond our solar system and the galaxy because who knows when some true catastrophe will destroy your galaxy.

So if you have a society that can produce enough the real challenge as so many challenges exist in logistics the transmission of goods and services. This probably exists in part because of our sociological bounds in the constraint between our time and the amount of people we can remember and have meaningful relationships with. 

So our present biology is often getting in the way of the humans that currently exist, the way people truly are not the way the world wants everyone to seem. The truth is more interesting than the seeming and if we pay attention to it we could choose to alter those structures to design ourselves as we see fit. If we design ourselves then we could work out some of the buggy software that we call the human mind and body. While I like our minds and bodies mostly, I was designed that way biologically. If I was to step back though and be able to get tactical response from artificial parts I might just do that. Since we could repair or replace parts that no longer function for us so that we might continue work that we loved, at least a little longer, and if we decided we simply wanted to cease we should have the right to that as well.
Since the other could save the best of us, and what pained us that we created or was created for us could cease. So that which was good in us could continue.

In the post monetary society though their could be allotments for things and the trading could be done with some interface that could tally and things that are not valued could be valued. If everyone could get value for their conversations and stories that they have shared and helped others. Vis a vis Intellectual property than at least some of the anxiety and worry would diminish. Without this anxiety and worry we might be able to sit for a stretch of time and finish something we truly think is good for us, or good for us all.

If the system considered domains of value that one would have allotments for in some socially contracted decision making we might have a more just and verdant world. These domains might be, necessaries, maintenance  discretionary, leisure, cooperation. If these domains where fulfilled to their needs/wants. 

Someone gets an idea to create some manner of interspatial freeway, then we as a society seek to help this individual to do so, as long as these ideas tried to follow asimovs law of robots, and the golden rule what is good enough for those robots is generally good enough for me.
So we would all pay with our leisure some amount of what could be considered cooperative time to help others achieve our goals as others will help us.

If the information can transact more fluidly and more transparently some of the base problems of logistics and biology go away.
In a society that can live an innumerable period of time maintenance occurs until one seeks to cease, or they cannot in some fundamental way not live without hurting others. 

So could we not in this society where production is not as big of a problem as distribution give money directly to the people not just parents give the money directly to the individual since current biological constraints of the other poses a problem, yet as so many things the biology is the problem. Since many wonderful thinkers have had great ideas for a society that was worth living and a few of those ideas have came into fruition bringing us ever closer to some of the things that we might achieve if we are able to escape some of our constraints.

This would be good since so much value is trapped in forms, in things that you cannot see taste or touch unless you imagine them as such and then you might be able to taste 4 and what does it taste like and smell like what is it's sound.

So if we spoke past our biology and to our ideas, with a little modification we might be triumphant especially if these modifications happened after birth, and after one has struggled with the questions of suffering, character, need, leisure, pleasure, forms, logos. Then after we have walked the path of the self evaluated life we might know what it is that we would need to modify to not harm, or deal with another existential issue or bound.

We spent our way out of depressions, through distributions in America, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Florence, France.
Why might we not do it again.