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Blue Haus BH HB [Dec. 24th, 2012|09:50 pm]
Blue Haus BH HB Postcard
Blue Haus BH HB by unixarcade

What is the joke the pencil tells to the pen, no joke because the pen is minus cil.
So an hb is a bh in reverse but if I read them backwards to begin with then and read the other forward.
I would find that they are still hard black somewhere in the middle of full hard.
Such is the way of graphite such is the way of bad jokes, somewhere in the middle of on and off, and if they are awful enough you might just get a laugh.

Though pencils probably have little to do with this drawing, but then their is the semantic connection.
Drawing they are the same domain whether pencil or pen, marker or light.
But the haus is full of blue and that might just mean what you think but the geometry is beautiful, what does the hard and blue and troubled have to do with the beautiful.
If we have enough hard blue beauties we might just know.