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5000 Died and few Americans Cried MC. JC - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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5000 Died and few Americans Cried MC. JC [Dec. 25th, 2012|12:02 am]
Hey it's almost your birthday mix master JC although I think that is but an anomaly another misrepresentation of a man from another nation.
I think habibi would be what they might see if they only saw your philosophy.

MC JC a philosopher to compare, compassion and kindness your creed, altruism your truth.
Can we catch the drift of aramaic in the wind sounds so sweet, can't be beat.

JC this is about another land though not so far away east meets east and chinese brothers, sisters, mothers.
Christ would you know that they died and they cried 5000 all denied.

It barely made the news in the states, because all of the nations in the world are full of hate.
They barely know what hate means and they use it to an ends and a means.

Cannot we see with our hearts, to beat what might be in cooperation with be.
Another mystery mix, where we can only save ourselves as it has always been.
Now with the mix it might matter 27 another matter certainly under different circumstances but all the same.

Be it now or then they were lost 10000 hands 10000 feet, 54 hands 54 feet never skip a beat.
Enter the dragon, enter the bear, enter the lion and none will scare, let's make some peace and heal some despair.