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14 Years of Journaling Online, 32 Years of an evaluated life, 4.5 lives more than one of my best fri - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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14 Years of Journaling Online, 32 Years of an evaluated life, 4.5 lives more than one of my best fri [Jan. 2nd, 2013|01:06 am]
To those who have died, I salute you, for those who are about to die I salute you.
This life can be short brutal and hard, for many people who are very dear to my heart because of experience what is the void of time and space. It is a hardship that can be endured, knowing that some of your are doing your very best to if nothing else improve your own lives and by doing so you have a radial impact to those who you keep closest. As I always implore work with your heart and mind evaluate your life consider yourself in the choreography of the world you live in. Is this the world you want to live in, if not what are you going to do about it? No one else is responsible for creating the world you want to live in, but yourself and if you do a good job of designing that world then you will leave this world slightly better than you came to meet it. If you have done this then your life is satisfied and if you do anything more that is a bonus a blessing, even if it is a blessing of your design still with your choice that which you have set yourself too. That which you have primed your subconscious to do so that it can respond six seconds faster than what your conscious mind will come to it's conclusions in. Then you have prepared yourself for the road ahead and all of the information that will come to share in the schema of your minds creation.

We can be the change we want to see and it will be hard and it will be exhausting and it will sometimes break our hearts, but we must push on, if we are heroic for those of us who have meant something the light in the darkness the beautiful within the chasms of our hearts. We are worth it and so are they. Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving, shine a little light down on others and your own heart will become alit and your impact will be subtle and powerful. This subtlety stays with things long after the lights have gone out, after the dimness and the shuttering of the eyes. Our mental impact can be profound and long lasting. Think of the people who still walk with us in our minds from the countless ages, telling us to have a self examined life, to consider compassion to be worth living for, to consider free will to be the highest obligation that one has to themselves whether imprisoned in body or mind. 

So if freewill where to be but an illusion as so many things are, it would be a useful illusion, it would be worth losing everything for because it is the only thing that can give your life any value. How can a being that has some motive that has some choice set against too great darkness's have any hope with out it, and without hope and love how can you continue to fight for your whole life whether you see any consequence or not. 

You see some free beings have lived this way against all odds even so much as giving up their own lives, knowing that some ideas, some ideals are worth dying for. We will all die at some point in our lives and the farmers often times understand life and death far better than we do those who death is hidden from. For which whole industries have sprang up to keep you from it's unpleasantness, death in some ways is beautiful though even when it's hard. My grandfather suffered for years and years I think fighting for his family and while good and most admirable I know that some of the last years of his life have been miserable with the harassing and the fights and the cage of the flesh.
My grandfather had a stroke that happened before my birth creating a man who was no longer the man that others knew and in some ways he was still a tank hearty and robust strong and charismatic. Though in these years in his life some of the violence that was a constant theme in his life would be put away, and all I would receive from him was love and grace, and this is true of both of my grand parents. Social norms have changed though and in many ways culturally it is not the world that they used to live in for better or worse. In lot's of ways in my eyes it is for the worse, I question where is the room for friends and family in the new world we have created and it's a shame because with all of ones extravagances this has to be the most important part of a persons life. Even if they find their friends and loves in the minds of those who are now in dust, or forms for which the world does not know. What better though with these relationships the things they teach us the challenges they bring the mirrors of ourselves.  Yes this life is important, these forms are important. With them we can sing new worlds into being unimagined   worlds created from our actions and intentions. Know that even these things have unintended consequences and that the thinking that we had at the time will no longer suffice to solve these problems. The good news is that you are plastic that the kernel that you perceive to be you is evolving occasionally taking leaps into unknown country. For what is the canvas that we set forth anew against the life that would create it from it's own will.

With this new canvas and these new days how ever many I am ever offered in my short life, even if I live to 111 or even to 200 with current technology if it is ever available to me or the people that I love, since these are the people that care for us that shelter us that feed us and we treat them with complete disregard as if they are less than, for those people who do so I spit upon you and curse you too the ages for you are not worth the life you are given. For you know not the value of life or it's importance. 

Their is yet to be redemption in ones search to come to live with and integrate even the ugliest parts of ourselves for we are life and we are animal, and with the burning fire of our curiosity and our intelligence we can be the most ravenous rapacious terrifying being that exists in this world. Fear not any devil, know them only as man, because we are the evil that men do. We are the monsters that steal and tear away innocence and by knowing that we have a possible buffer a possible glimmer of hope that we in ourselves can be aware of what that monster seeks or needs and to care to it with our hearts so that we can find it as ouroboros for it never leaves us and we never leave it and if tended to well it will serve you when you need to do things that you could not imagine yourself doing. 

There is some need for this as well, think for example of a world that is addicted to a black liquid that people where constantly threatening us with and the fear of it's chemical nature and a limited supply and even if their was an infinite supply you might not want to use forever in it's current formula because it could do terrible things to your planet. You say ok black liquid I am done, I am kicking the habit I want something new or maybe it's old called sunlight which people have been worshipping for for as long as the aten or sun disk has set itself above this celestial firmament. So you develop ideas, tools, and technology then often times laws to deal with the implications of this new technology because for all that we would like a sagearchy until we can find ourselves as we where during the dawn of man without them then we will have them and hopefully use them to good accord. So you create and develop ideas tools and technology for the conversion of energy from one form to another because why not what else are you going to do with the life you have been given, and if it is a good thing than go for it and still some will hear the call and find their way to set their minds to motion on these problems perceived or real. These ideas tools and technology will then find themselves as a back drop often times forgotten as to how they came about what their implications where and why did we want them in the first place but that is ok because that is in the future and we are in the now, or at least the people who are alive right now at this very moment are, but for you in the future I love you enjoy the wibbly wobbly timey whimey because so very many things are very grey. If we are ambitious enough and enough in this very present moment we can solve some of our problems today and in the future. Just look at the genius of creation throughout all things in all scales from all things and you will see genius their ever subtle slight mechanism for achieving brilliant results. if you are mad at the universe, and it's ok that you are it's not always the nicest to anything then know that without it's stupid mechanisms that you simply would not be here. So take your soap box and have an interior monologue until you have some solutions then set them to play because the curious life forms that now exist want to know. Know matter what your form maybe in the future since the us that we breed is not seeking to be us in our current form nor that which we engineer for ourselves so even these things are ever shifting sands.

I thank you for your work today and in the future and keep it up, in part because if you are doing something that really has merit than things and people in play may simply may not like to see it happen yet because they still exists and they have some false perceived threat. It is only false if we don't keep on playing via the sociopathic insane rule and conclude that yes we should kow tow to that which would seek to destroy us. By it's very insane nature we should do nothing of the sort and we should play the future towards the good because we have the hands to do so. One person does not need to have all of the aces this is not a zero sum game this is a game in which all participants can win and if they look closely enough probably have and will continue to win.

What does the road ahead look like it is as certain as the rising sun that I will keep on moving towards my eternal goals as long as I live and breath in this life. So I will enjoy the wealth I have in myself and the wealth I find in you. I have seen people who barely have clothes on their backs and they have been more free than the men of state that I have met. I have met men who are men of state with open minds that are philosopher kings, and they lack no citizenship. For life in both states I have a warm spot in my heart for both of you for the same reason. It is nice to be with free life. People who know the illusions and still are aware that illusions can hurt you if others or yourself hold onto those things as beliefs and then act with them towards the world of ideas, or objects. The bird that sees no glass has no awareness to it and while insubstantial in it's awareness it is substantial to it's being. These things outside of the scope of our awareness does have an impact on us which is why it is not a bad idea to see as widely as you can while still keeping a focus as to the thing that you love the most in this moment. Hopefully the thing you love know is the thing you love later but if it is not then hopefully you can bridge and find the portability within the ideas that you hold and keep so that you might do something else, and know something more and more deeply.

So I seek to keep on working on the problems of things and ideas that our on the periphery of our vision in part because very interesting things happen their in the other instance their will be problems unknown that will be attributed to them and we need people to think about them. We need people to think about everything really because if you look at even some of the recent explorations taking looks at processes that we have done for a very long time such as making steel, and a few men who where, dumb enough, smart enough or any adjective that you want to use as a variable to set before enough to describe it in such a way as too elicit your appreciation would be fine. In this instance though it impacts us and it is good for us because the process is cleaner leaner and produces a better product for everyone it was their as a tip of the hat to the innovators or innovator if their was but one individual which their still often is even though we pretend their is not. Simply the process often times gets sliced yet in each slice their is often times innovation or good management of the idea which is good enough and is still very important. Thank you for all of the people that do the maintenance often times another under appreciated task.

I will keep on creating dreaming thinking making acting being because I can't stop and even if I could the life that I have chosen for myself might be meaningless to me with out doing as such. Hopefully you will integrate yourselves in my life as I have worked to integrate you in my life. I am aware though of restrictions both perceived and real and these things will as they always do have implications trade offs and sacrifices. If you want to know what is really important to you all you have to do is ask yourself how much you would sacrifice for it and you will know how much you care about something. For those of you who have to sacrifice little because you don't have too you have a real blessing I hope you enjoy it. If you have to sacrifice much know that you are not alone and probably will never be as long as their is life and know that maybe this too could be a blessing because it might help you to stay aware, and keep in your heart and consideration the meditations on the evaluation of your life your considerations cares concerns use these things to fuel the life that keeps you in action. If you need stillness and silence this too is an action a subtle action, and so many subtle actions are abundantly powerful.


[User Picture]From: sikkklown
2013-01-03 08:43 pm (UTC)

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[User Picture]From: luminosity
2013-01-05 04:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing, a march and a song, many people through the ages.
Marching and song has changed the ages.
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