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HinduAfricanusAmericanus [Jan. 14th, 2013|04:10 pm]
HinduAfricanusAmericanus Postcards
HinduAfricanusAmericanus by unixarcade

Why not be encouraged by all cultures by all ideas even if we are to discard some knowing of their danger, or possibility.
Bring forth the novelty of blending until it cannot be seen.

At what point do we stop seeing with the eyes of difference and no matter where we came from do we change our name space.

For my forefathers are from this land and lands throughout the earth, now I am here. I am an American what ever that might mean, even though I am a child of the universe.
I see no difference in this for me as being from any other continent or age, the granularity and specificity change but we are all inherited from this same namespace from this universe.

So even if we are to be but illusions this world is true in illusion so this world of illusion exists in the space of illusion, yet it will shed your temporality even as you where forged in a moment when you found that you had a spot on yourself in a mirror and before that you where not divided.