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Wmd Brainbug Dark [Jan. 18th, 2013|04:00 am]
Brainbug dark
A life in torment
Dees seed

Pakistani brain, stuxnet, your next, targeted by the new polymorph.
Memetics spreading a depression.
Depression and other ideas spreading out tentacles whirling destroying seeking killing.

Can't shake the violence, can't keep it silenced.
The pain erases me and leaves me with pain.
Scan and their maybe hope, no hope for the outsider.

The outsider never changes, the game never changes only the players, and they are playing the same boring game with the same boring name.

What's the name say it outloud, control, and fear.

So we have an fc now we add a c and have an fcc.

Who needs those things when we can be far more nefarious far more sinister, silent playing in the shadows for centuries.
That's the way the game is played. 

Centuries of games playing in the background what is the deviousness of the self unknown.

Writing out on minds so many unconscious pursuits