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410 [Jan. 19th, 2013|01:09 am]
What was your name 410, I knew not of your slaying, I knew not of your sight, yet you were me 410.
Everyone of you was a life, and you had a face and a name, though their where no stories for you 410, I did not hear about a one. They try to wash you away carelessly, though they are you 410.

You where a mother a brother a son a daughter a grandfather grandmother, someone loved you.
Where are you now but in the cold earth, and you knew why you died.
The young forgotten hungry hopeless asked for help and we gave them none.

We pushed them under the wheel and they pushed us under the bus, and I cannot be mad at them for doing so, for what rage they have for all of their fathers and mothers stolen away incarcerated out of existence, or stoned out of their minds because they are hopeless as well.

The lack of hope perpetuates itself.
I look to my left and I look to my right, and I know who will save us, no one else but us, the justice is just us.

Take comfort in that because that is the only way we can be independent and free.
Help is not coming from without it is coming from within because that is the only place for it to come from.

The seeds are planted, let us grow and burn for we are not a tree, but we are a fire, and we are wild.
Let the world see our wild fire and spread it.

Maybe a fire cannot live forever but suns take so much time to burn and die that it will be worth every moment a breath of freedom vs the cage or a broken defunct system that does not care about us. It only cares about maintaining and growing what it already has, such is the way of cancer.

It is only love that brings me to these conclusions the outside world does not love us they ponder us and question us, and fear us, because we are a raging fire.

We must act as fire burning spreading, growing quickly.
They ancients questioned if fire was alive because it had so many attributes of life, and this fire is alive and it is burning in our brains.

410 and no one answered for them, so I have sued for peace for so long, but what peace can be had with a lack of justice, with a system that does not answer for it's depravity.
We have a social problem, a cultural problem, and the only way to find it's silence is to find it's solace to find peace for those who need it most.

If a person wants to work and within the system that we have they cannot find work, what should they do?
What if you had a whole community of humans that this has happened to, what should you do?
You befoul them by saying they don't have the proper background, what does that even mean.
Their parents where not engineers they where incarcerated, or on dope, and you don't even try to understand their plight because when you are privileged you don't even know it.

So a person in this situation has a chip on their shoulders of course they do what should they have?
Should they be blind to their situation, ignorant to what is really happening.
These people are intelligent and aware, and while they may not speak like you they understand you they hear you loud and clearly.

They want opportunity, yet I suppose they must see it in themselves, we must grow our own food, and take the city as our own. A free state, because the system has failed us and states where always meant to be experimental grounds for new ideas in governance and they ways of checks without balances is not working. We are still redlined, we are still taxed ceaselessly for driving poor, these are special taxes and they take from you but you are not powerless, and you don't have to take it any more.

Do more than write to congress they have not heard you, take your future into your own hands work together with your neighbors, with your real community and do something about your problems.
Speak out and contain the things that are keeping us from our first best destiny.
Grandmothers and grandfathers can do much to stop the spreading of the inexhaustible hate, sheol, and abbadon are never filled.

It's so easy to say stop killing one another but we need to create a neighborhood exchange program and do things ourselves because money is not coming and the true currency was never little bits of green paper that you can't even wipe your ass with, it's too small.

It is us we are the currency, our ideas are our power, and we can generate, anything we want because we are rich beyond means, and no one can take this wealth from us, whether they try to take our liberties or our lives. So many of us have died already, I am 410.