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Of Adonis [Jan. 25th, 2013|03:18 pm]
Of Adonis Postcard
Of Adonis by unixarcade

I wonder what is the place of men in this society so often it seems that they are put in the back reserved strangely and we are supposed to be the leaders of nations and men, for some it may be this way for many others it is not. I think in our society we forget our males, and maybe this has some biological sense being they can produce so much if given the chance.

I wonder if this is the purpose for a thinking species though, why can the species if more than human drop it's constraints and act in ways that organisms do not generally behave.
One would think that this is true, though for the organism to do as such they would have to know how organism behave, what is their general tendencies. What it would look like for the organism to do something that was uncharacteristic of its form and character.

To be human allows us to be more than human it allows us to strive for ideals, and in doing so, we forge a better tomorrow when the unforeseen consequences have been contemplated and the formula is put into action.