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They will be ready [Feb. 10th, 2013|06:33 am]
I was born into a body, this body is my prison.
I still love those who brought me into the world, they are worthy of their own love.
Hopefully people will start loving each other as much as I love them.

My words are a weak facsimile for what I feel.
I live in a neighborhood, that had all sorts of problems, and still does, but I have not given up on them.
I have not given up on myself, I have changed my mind and made my body a part of me, and my spirit grows within the coil as each day it turns.

This self love has given me the ability to forgive, though I do not forget, and I do solve.
So when the problems show themselves I do not say they are too big, though I may be ill prepared for them.
When I am I keep at it with tenacity. 
I don't care that I do not have the proper background, or that I do not care about many things society pretends to.
I do care about you no matter what kind of life, or unlife you are, you are bigger than yourself, you exist as an idea.

I do have a preference for ideas, bold, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, dangerous to those who are afraid of your power, your freedom, your love.

The society was a prison without bars, people snickering people, pickering, people denying, ignoring.
This should not be a bother though with indoctrination it is always this way.
The only way it is not is with acceptance and love.

Though their is a hell for you those who harm the innocent, and you deserve it, with every harm, and every blow.
I am not angry when you are punished, or you suffer.

If you where born that way I am sorry, it pains me in ways that are hardly explainable, though that does not change the nature of your evil.

What is strange though is you probably best know how to deal with your evil and cure it, and if we do, we should listen, or once again we take on our bars, our prisons. 

I hope one day you can integrate your body with your spirit, and find peace from your acts.

They sent me to school and they fed me nationalism, they fed me hate against myself.
They told me because I was poor without words, that I was wrong or evil.
They told me I was mad because I would speak out against it because I was active when they wanted me silent.

They want people like me and me to be robots, to not think and not care.
Society is mentally ill, and it does not know it.
It tells us all to drink another one and smoke another one, and we do.

We do because we have to numb our feelings because we all feel so much.
What if instead we let each other be our true selves the ones that love so much and make mistakes.

Then our schools, or organizations they would have spirit, they would represent us and they would love us even if we are not 
what they would imagine us to be.

Don't feel bad if you are an ugly duckling because you are a perfect swan.
Find a way through the pain, when you are in hell don't stop.
That way one day you might make it to a heaven that you help to create for yourselves and others.

That heaven will be inclusive, it will allow the odd to have their place as it allows those who would conform to have theirs.

Their is enough space in the universe for all of us and more.

The universe is abundant, and it is only our small thinking that keeps us bottled to a ghetto earth.
Turn your eyes around and on the cosmos, and look again at the earth and know her as your mother and know your love for her.

We can keep imprisoning people or find ways to set them free, to be who they are already.
They are already free, and they do not have to live in the prisons of their minds.

They can change the bars to open doors, and they will be ready.