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So you want to change the world, Well you can, and Maybe you have. - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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So you want to change the world, Well you can, and Maybe you have. [Feb. 17th, 2013|06:04 pm]
Changing the world is easy we do it everyday with everyone of our choices similarly to the choices or actions of bacteria, insects and more.
Though if you want to effectively augment what you are looking at as your world and your ability to be impactful.

The tenets much be as such.
Keep it simple.
Make programming tools and tools of mass impact incredibly easy to use so that you can leverage the vast amounts of human creativity that exists. The easier the better, the less time that it takes for someone to be online with understanding the better. So I find it funny that purposefully this is subverted, I look at the projects that really made mass utility and customization and they where killed, by making fun of them and shaming them this seems to be effective, so I say you take a no worry policy, use their metaphors and coopt them use them for the command and control of your own abilities and your organizations.

Make it cheap or cheaper.
The cheaper tools are the more disposable in this instance the better, if you can create a tool that creates a microarray that could be printed, that could be assembled with three parts or cost a dollar or less to put it anywhere more power to us. If we can use open source and mass customization to make finger nail sized fractal transmission towers that are powered via ambient energy sources, you could scatter them all over the world in an airplane and you could create a decentralized network that could only be shut down by worldwide emp, and if you where really clever and created self healing devices, and hardened technology then you would bring on world wide fun forever.

Stay Open
The more open the systems if they have the systems have the ability to self analyze the better, since if we have kept with the ideas of simple and cheap, then if it gets screwed up we recycle it or upcycle it or get a million of the devices and distribute them simultaneously world wide to decentralize technological elitism and control.

Stay Free
It's only with great love that we can change anything and we are worth it so stay tenacious.

Keep it clean
Do everything in your power to create things that can advance the cause of better living for all life, and do your best to make your technology reusable, reimplementable, repurposeful, recyclable.