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A Standard of Freedom, How Cyphernets set us free again - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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A Standard of Freedom, How Cyphernets set us free again [Feb. 18th, 2013|10:53 pm]
If we implement a protocol that is not simply set to a specific range of virtual addresses, that could alter its activity based on what was happening to the network. If everything is working fine and communication channels are open and functioning well, it uses a virtual range.
If this is being challenged or disrupted, it forks and splits communication between permuted polymorphic ranges, that have evolutionary features implemented. Encryption built in at the start, and the network is distributed from the start, every computer communicating is a host and a server always, with possible multiple layers of serving / hosting to make the network more robust under attack. Encryption is dead easy, take away things that humans need to remember, have them infer and find pattern its one of the things we do best.

Every machine is a transmitter and receiver as well so as long as one machine is up, a network is up, you have to take out all of the machines all at once to destroy the network.

Make a number of possible networks so that you can resolve some website name to  another website on the other network.
Allow for failure and fail over so that your network is always working.

You could add or implement another piece of technology as well, being having dynamic mirrored sites that are decentralized and served and encrypted, so that no website is served from just one place it is served from a number of places, and if one is taken down or taken over, it is able to perform self healing in the sense that it can self mirror, let us say that the minimal node points is three, so for a site to be seen it has to be hosted through the network with at least three layers of network, or three machines or both, and that you could have larger spreads if necessary.  This way if an attack occurred against host one you still have a website, and it is decentralized, so know one necessarily knows which computers are hosting your site, and they are encrypted so that you can simply have a little piece of mind, and be out of the public eye enough to where your head does not explode due to stress. If one of the machines goes down the network knows the push the site on another host so the target is always moving.