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Friend down [Feb. 19th, 2013|03:23 pm]
I hope you died well my friend, I hope you had a good death that did not spoil a good life.
Less than 50 it's strange, I was hoping we where going to get to joke, and laugh for years to come.
The battles have raged, and life has not always been easy, but sometimes it is very good.

You served your country, and they did not help you when you needed help.
You served a corporation, and they canned you before you could retire with less than two years left.

It's unimaginable the cruelty we face every day, and we try to keep our composure, and they call people crazy when they do something because they can't handle it anymore.

You were never a loony, and it has been nice knowing you, nice helping you, and nice receiving your help.
I laugh for you today, and I think about your life, because you are worth it and so am I.

So when people misunderstand us as they often do, we will just joke and say something inappropriate at the inappropriate time, and the good news is, that we can laugh even when they cannot.

That we never had to be that serious because life is not that serious, we either live or we die.
So enjoy, because your chips were cashed in, and you never know when that will be so get'er done.

See you later Big Steve, See you later rocky, See you later friends I have not seen in years, I love you all and I always will.