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Resolution Diminished [Feb. 20th, 2013|09:19 am]
Time beating upon the shores, wearing memories down to dust.
I wonder when you lose the sense of one you loved holding you as a child.
Is this the last memory to go before the big bang and the big fireworks show before the last hurrah, then it's lights out.

The questions ask, the questions beg, and yet they still spin round my head.
Unresolved the questions dance, seek to find, and do entrance.
Grounded out by mystery the questions seek the questions dance, unresolved a day to mend.

Endings and their middles play in ways, I would not know, why, why, why?
Now and it is the time to consider, that which the clock crowed, and the true constraints of modernness, and civility.
Damned cages without bars, cages within cages spinning, slightly out of most's perceptions.

The earth then takes us all, until, space takes the place of the earth.