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Rough Draft Zero Ready [Feb. 22nd, 2013|10:39 pm]
I have all of the chapters completed, I am still short of my page goal, though through my conversation I still have work to do though that is no surprise with rough draft zero.

It's strange because I am really looking forward to rough draft one, and this is usually the hard work, and it will be but I am excited in general, Now I think I want to fiddle with the layout, yet I have had little success with kindle books looking the way that I had them set up in my pdf's they have looked allot better there and there are many more things I want to explore and experiment with, yet the conversion tool it seems only liked the most boring of things, an image and some text.

I suppose that is fine if you only want a book with just text and I do like them, but I am in love with the illuminated manuscript and if all of our books could be so beautiful, then sitting in front of a screen or a book would be easy, you might even have a hard time stopping.

The cover art is not the way I want it to be, I have a few rough drafts for images, though I am going to have to put a number of hours into creating it, and then I still need to get the points of motion to map in the way that I would like them to be in my mind.

I have layout plans but I will not start doing the boilerplating until the work is in it's complete form then the text will be subjected to design until then I need to fiddle the work to satisfaction, which will not occur until it meets the basic criteria that I am seeking.

The good new is keep at it.