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Rough Draft One [Mar. 2nd, 2013|01:52 am]
I did not think that I was going to get through the book in a week and a half. A few of the days were 12 pgs of editing and adding a day. I added 10 more pages in text during the time, bringing the page count up to 130.

I have my idea for the cover so I will work on that this week along with finishing up rough draft one, then I will give two copies to people I know can help with some editing and then it's time to add a thank you page numbers play with the fonts then two press, so the goal will be to have the work done by the ides of march, and uploaded on that day or the day after.

The ides of march are coming.

It's been a slow and quite week because I can't do everything by myself.

I need a better marketing plan for this work, and I need to get the work out there enough to have the work start it's own fire, though this week is about making the work ready to press.