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A Butterfly in Detroit [Mar. 9th, 2013|02:48 pm]
In Detroit a butterfly has flown and created a perfect storm throughout civilization.
Here we built the world wind tornado's of global catastrophe never understanding the impacts of unforeseen consequences and unknown-unkowns.
That which we do not know or we do not understand or we are unwilling to accept that does creep up and kill us as our friend that we have known all our life and they have turned monster.

Such is the ill face perturbed.
Their is hope though you have to run the red queens race out of sequence and jump, a jesters math.
A jesters game, it is only through the calculus of absurdity and laws of super large numbers that you can create dynamic
enough effects to deal with hyperdynamic systems.

We have to create solve problems who's inputs are abundant and outputs are extraordinary.
If we create technology that does not only help to curb but also reduces impact if you did that at a fast enough rate you would see  things turn in another direction. One that might even be hard to imagine at this date at this time.

Thank goodness for tomorrow and those who will be there.