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One for the Refrigerator [Mar. 29th, 2013|08:19 pm]
One for the Refrigerator Postcard
One for the Refrigerator  by unixarcade

Cheek in tongue and tongue in cheek, the questions jokes on you.
Though it might not seem, it was to be, that which made you true.
What you had on your museums wall, was a testimony to the best of times and
the worst of times, it always showed it's true.
These little wonders dreaming life and creating themselves in kind.
The inputs equal outputs whether you want to agree or deny.
So take this time when they give you their master piece of truth, and enjoy
it for all it's worth.
For the lessons therein are true and hard.
To judge a thing for where it is and help the other achieve that which they
seek within the means that they might understand them.
To help and seek and uncover new worlds of exploration, beauty and truth.