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As If [Apr. 1st, 2013|01:22 am]
As If you could understand the hell of anothers skin and their memories.
The memories exploding in vivid hypercolors.
The anger, pain, and torment seeping from the beings every pore.

Forgiveness has helped but the specters and the violence of the memories of the past still haunt.
You can understand the warzone life until you live it.
Then it changes you forever.

No longer are you the smiling happy baby, you are ready prepared.
The stare you stare has been stared before by countless others.
The important things, those few things, you savor.

Life, friendship, love, drives you and nothing else matters and it never did.
Though its hard to see that when they push so hard to share with you a world that does not even exist.
Will you buy it have you already.

Though we may never understand, we can try and we are worthy, for a life that is better than squalor and a warzone.

We are worthy helping others, find their way.
We are strong enough to stand in hell and help others out.

So here is the first hand, and the first step of the beginning of your new life - what will you do with it?