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Societal Slavery [Apr. 1st, 2013|04:27 pm]
Societal Slavery Post Cards
Societal Slavery by unixarcade

This world screams for us our every waking hour tearing it from us quickly or slowly. Taxed, when we have nothing to give, and the lofty lords living outside yet they to are burdened by the things that can end us.
For no amount of money protects you from a nuclear armegeddon, or a biological weapon. These are only the things of men that can end us all but the universe is creative in it's devistation and entropy.
So many other planets blinking in and out of existence, similarly to the quantum foam thought usually through other means.
We have enough enemies in the universe, we need not make ourselves one.
So treat each other kindly and see that you are the greatest value and with you and your will and your skill no matter what it might be you can serve us all, and I hope you do.