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Peter In Detroit [Apr. 18th, 2013|11:46 pm]

If you want to read it for yourself on the computer go for it.

If you want me to read it to you then watch the video down below and then go to the playlist.

If you want a color copy to give away for gifts, or read to the wonderful people of your life
Peter in Detroit

If you want to read it on a kindle it should be up tomorrow so give it a share.
That and if you have kindle select please download all of my books, you already pay one fee and it would help me out tremendously.

This work is a creation of my good friend Bill Bracco, the work is Illustrated by Stephanie Roupp, I did the layout and the type, along with the digital conversions.
Thank you for being wonderful, I am so excited to be sharing the good with you.

Please share