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The torment - sleeping. [May. 15th, 2013|04:32 am]
The torment, the torture, little slices of life and death calling out our names.
Short and sweet we resolved to the possibility of our successes.
The possibilities enlarged, and a chance for some resolution as we build a road of time and work to it's resolution between us and the things that harm.

Screams silencing slowly as we find some inner peace vs a world of demons.
We the nightmares we could only wish to dream for our horrors and torments.
The things we do and live.

In time these horrors acting as inflammation only burning sometimes, and far less seriously.
Though the maladaptive patterns may have left there plot, though we might work to cure that which ails.
One day we might find more peace, it is still left to be seen, though their are ways through our arts our crafts and passions to slowly exhaust those torments.