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A nations travel. [Jun. 14th, 2013|12:56 am]
1) Flight to Reno 12:00 5/21.
  Insane flight with insane layover. I slept for 9 hours at an incredibly cold airport on the floor the chairs themselves at airports are not designed well for the people using them.
    Wild turbulence, hearing the pilot communicating with us in a scared fashion, as we faced some high winds.
      After a period of time we hit smooth sailing only towards the last half hour of the flight.
Waiting then picked up from the airport.
Drove back to Tahoe, only to drive back to Reno to pick up some pickets and concrete four truck loads later and my shoulder hurts like hell from sleeping on it in an odd way at the airport.

Stayed in Jenny, and Aaron's big beautiful house, rested and read.
Walked down to the lake from their estate, watched a sunset capture the majesty of the suns setting sky.
Went and ate at Lanza's which had some of the best Italian food I have had yet.

Then as it was on most of the journey singing songs, kidding around, and conversing sun up to sun down.

2) Leave Tahoe 8:00 5/23 8hr drive to Las Vegas, Hotel room.
  Stayed at the D which pretended to be Detroit and while vegas does have grit it is not some place I would like to live the thing that probably bothers me most about the place is how stinky it is. Everything smells like a burned cigarette, the stink penetrates everything. Hopped the fence to go for an 11 o clock swim I don't know why they don't have swimming all night with your hotel card, since most places do not have life guards on duty anyway.

We won the hockey and baseball game that night. They had a coney restaurant, but it was not a coney.
A little people watching and walking, then to sleep.

Picked up the Jockey box that we are going to deliver.

4) Leave Arizona 5/25 10:00, 7.5hr drive to Roswell, visit Jenny's Dad.
Tire pops on the way to Roswell, luckily I packed the towel the earth was scorching and there was an attack of deadly bees.
We deliver the jockey box.
We make it to Roswell we eat at Farleys the fish is slightly undercooked.
We sing Karaoke at the American Legion hall Aaron and I are by far the youngest people in the establishment.
Then we spend the next day eating great food and helping Court get things together at the business he was working on.
Stayed with Carolyn and she prepared some good eats for the next two days.

5) Leave Roswell 5/28 10:00 4hr drive to Amarillo, visit Aurelio.
We make it to Amarillo and while the accommodations might be sparse the hospitality was high.
Made great paper hats for gaming, did some gaming, ate some brownies.
Did some drawing and reading before the tornadoes nearly tore us from texas and took us to oz.
The food and friendship was just right.

6) Leave Amarillo 5/31 8:00 9hr drive to Houston, visit Dave.
Played a number of Magic drafts, went out and experienced the Houston boom.
Learned a bit about the drilling business, and saw some of the sights.
Met some great people did some swimming and a general load of fun.

7) Leave Houston 6/3 8:00 4hr drive to Shreveport, visit Chris.
Made it to Shreveport and lived at Chimi V's where my friend would wash his troubles away with super beers.
It did not seem to work. Played my second game ever of Arkham horror, the first game was with Alicia, Daryl and friends which we did not finish because it took an hour and and a half to read through all of the rules to everyone. The second game was slightly faster but still seemed to be played slightly wonkily, and I keep wondering if that's why we beat the potato demon and all of his spuds.
Learned something of the chemical metal reclamation industry.

Aaron started listening to so many insane plays which we would listen to for at least thirty hours on our trip.
Leave Shreveport 6/5 8:00 12 hr drive to Missouri, visit my Family.
Spent time firing firearms, reading, sleeping on the skiff after paddling, feeding chickens turkeys and dogs.
Learned something about another industry.

9) Leave Southern Illinois 6/12 8:00 drive 7.5hr to Columbus, go to Origins.
Spent two hours at the pizzeria next to macs watching a vtes final.
10) Leave Columbus 6/12 17:00 drive 3.5hr to Hazel Park, return MatK home.
Stayed four hours at the bus stop, then four hours on the bus.

My friend Rob picked me up at 8am, and I did a bunch of chores once I came home organized things that needed to be organized.
Did some business planning and carried out some of those actions, then slept got up went over Lena and Douglas's and watched the final Dr. Who for this season.

Though I did not do much vacationing, my head is clear books are read, and I saw lots of the beauty of the United States, there was tons of poverty spread throughout though, I saw lots of opportunity though as well for those who are courageous enough to find the needs of the people and meet them. Seize the day!