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The long road [Jun. 16th, 2013|11:53 pm]
I am in no hurry racing towards that last step.
I will take my time sauntering in the back forty.
Spending as much time as I can there before I overtake the shadow of the last light.

Visions burning clearly sharing possibilities as they dance before us in silhouette.
Our lives of meaning, our lives of purpose.
Measured well, and examined.

Life fleeting as the blood flows and our last breath meets the winter air.
A silence overtakes us as we slip into the nothing.
Not long ago we were children, dancing playing singing.

Life over took us.
Step in life making each step as important as the last.
So that one might ride the light and knows it's joy.

Our steps and breaths belabor until we are afraid of our last fall.
The one we cannot get up from, when our hips fracture and no one is their to help us.
We shatter into a million pieces, of black crows flying to the end of our days calling forever to us.

We will find ourselves among the stars again until they even fade to a murky black abyss.
So sip on the sunshine while it lasts for you and the universe, measure the light well.
For the end of days even come to our parent stars.

For before our birth came their metamorphosis and the fireworks of the heavens.