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Vis and the changes that occur as we intralocute. - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Vis and the changes that occur as we intralocute. [Jul. 5th, 2013|12:41 am]
We face ourselves and consider craft and propose to ourselves what our days might be like.
Setting ourselves to tasks to accomplish parts and partial of all of the work that must be done, to accomplish that which we might construct
as the puzzle of ourselves, or the puzzle of our lives.

Things that you might think that you might not have done becomes the necessity for so many reasons.
People forgetting or never really wanting to work together in the first place.
The nature of the animal that is called human always showing itself truly.
Though few like to look at it as it is.

The being that is animal and needs all of the things that animals do for we are they.
Even as we would transcend the state, we would still necessitate that which is most basic and nutritive.
So we set ourselves to task to find ourselves virtuous through our tasks and deeds so they speak for themselves.
They would do this without the need for us any longer they would then carry our work forward.

That which we leave once we are no more.
For we shall be no more in this mind in due time.
The evidence has set itself to show that even as I am now, I was not before.

Though I may be more and less capable of some types of activation and activity.
A clarity without the fog of war has passed mine eyes.
For I have for a moment had some peace in my life.
This peace has rang true for a number of reasons.
I have limited my access to and from individuals of my own species knowing in part that these people do little in the way
of living as a fully realized human being.

This is not completely their fault though we have sets of systems that are happen unconsciously and are not challenged
and stand. This itself is frightful that so few fight, and maybe the air conditioning and the food, and entertainment is so good that
it is hard to see a better way.

Much of the better way has stood as good but largely unpracticed ideals.
Though I suppose that is the key an ideal, and ideals are largely unmet, in part because living together is messy.
The other is the internal dissonance and not truly speaking freely with oneself about ones true motivations or hopes to achieve.
This internal dissonance sure to bring about strife within ones life for if one is not honest to oneself then whom might they be honest to.

Its alright if ones life is hard if ones choices difficult, this has been this way for a very long time.
Long before we ever invented insect repellent or mosquito netting.
So as some people unfortunately live sleeping while being devoured by nature.

Though nature does this to all things. In my work I have seen the earth slowly taking in and consuming all that is abound. Where steel that has been set upon the ground for nearly one hundred years was being swallowed by the earth, and  we will all be swallowed whether consumed by fire, or flesh.

Though are work might not be this way, though it might to be forgotten as so much is, though if one has extended their persona even slightly, ideas will persist without flesh.